When you hear the term “retirement planning” most of us immediately think of money,… but what about your health?  We focus a tremendous amount of time preparing our clients for a successful retirement, but you won’t be able to enjoy those hard-earned years if you don’t take care of your money AND your health now.

We discuss risk in every financial aspect of our client’s lives, from asset protection, dying early, living too long, stock market volatility, etc.  However, the biggest risk we rarely discuss is the hidden risk of deteriorating physical and/or mental health in retirement. I recently came across the book Brain Rules by John Medina.  In his book, Mr. Medina shares some remarkable statistics on how even simple exercise can stave off declining health:

  • A 20-minute walk each day cuts your risk of stroke by 57%.
  • Exercise has been shown to be “astonishingly successful” in treating depression and anxiety.
  • Aerobic exercise just twice a week halves your risk of general dementia. It cuts your risk of Alzheimer’s by 60%.
  • Exercise decreases your risk for heart disease and diabetes.

A sedentary lifestyle is the biggest threat to your retirement success.  Personally, I am passionate about exercising (and trying to eat well!) because I know how much better I feel when exercise is a regular part of my life.  

I encourage you to make exercise a priority in your life too. All of us at LEFP want you to experience the kind of retirement you have dreamed about all these years! 

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