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How can success in one profession, such as an Airline Pilot Professional translate into investing success?

Learn to use the skills and discipline that airline pilots must have to fly a safe and efficient airplane to improve your chances of successful investing.

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What’s Your Plan?

What’s Your Plan?

Taking time to write down your action plan for retirement is the optimal way to ensure you have the best retirement. But the key is to simply ​start planning now​. After personally experiencing the benefits of thorough planning in my flying career, as well as in my financial life, I have become even more passionate about making sure all of our Leading Edge clients “have a plan.” Whether you are near the end of your career, rapidly approaching retirement, or you’ve just begun your professional adventure, I’m absolutely convinced financial planning will allow you to enjoy your career (and retirement!) more. As you begin the process of setting financial goals and planning for a great retirement, consider the following questions…

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Long Term Care Insurance.  Do You Need It?

Long Term Care Insurance. Do You Need It?

Long Term Care Insurance is a lesser-known benefit that is often misunderstood but increasingly important as we are living longer.  Charlie and Ben explain what long term care insurance is and why you should consider it. They also address how it can serve to protect your financial assets, if and when you should buy it and how the 6 Activities of Daily Living affect your ability to receive benefits.

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Disability Insurance for Pilots Explained

Disability Insurance for Pilots Explained

Pilots are at higher risk of needing disability insurance due to the stringent health standards required by the FAA. That is why it’s incredibly important you understand what insurance options are available to you and how they will work to protect you. BUT we know that disability insurance can be super confusing. Most of us get overwhelmed trying to figure it out and simply throw our hands up. In this video, Charlie and Ben trying to simplify all of the moving parts and give you a breakdown of the various disability options; short-term, long-term, loss of license and how they work in conjunction with your sick pay. Additionally, they discuss how your benefits may be affected if you have a secondary income.

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Airline Pilots Face Unique Challenges

Pilots Face Unique Challenges

1.  FAA mandatory age 65 retirement.

2.  FAA Health and Medical Requirements – Risk of losing FAA Medical.

3.  Airline Pilots typically spend one third to one half of their time away from their families.

4.  Airline industry specific risks; Mergers/Acquisitions, Furlough, Bankruptcy.

5.  Known high-income profession – Constantly offered financial schemes and get-rich-quick gimmicks.


How Leading Edge Financial Planning Can Help

1.  We have experience helping airline pilots overcome the unique challenges and risks in the airline industry.  Since I am an airline pilot, I am familiar with the potential pitfalls unique to our industry and how to mitigate those risks.

2.  We understand how to maximize employer benefits.  We help pilots prepare for and limit the risk of losing their ability to fly due to loss of their FAA Medical.

3.  We utilize the latest client service technology to help organize and simplify your personal finances, thus reducing stress in your life.

5. Our investment and financial planning process increases your chances for success and enables you to spend your valuable time at home doing the things you love instead of worrying about investments and retirement planning.

We strongly believe airline families that have a financial plan will do better than those who do not.

We have a passion for helping our airline families understand where they are now, where they want to go and the best way to get there.

Achieving this clarity in your financial life reduces uncertainty, reduces stress and increases your quality of life now as well as in retirement.

Thank you for visiting our “Landing Page.”  We sincerely hope we can be of service to you and your family.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out via email or phone.  We’d love to hear from you!

All the best and fly safe!

Charlie Mattingly, CFP®, MBA

Principal and Co-founder LEFP





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