Kevin and Charlie continue their discussion about the “Top Ten Retirement Mistakes to Avoid.” This video blog post is about Retirement Mistake Number 8 – Taking personal retirement and investing advice from TV and internet experts.  

Charlie and Kevin discuss how financial news entertainment (infotainment) can distract us from doing the most important things that could lead to our retirement and investing success.

We must understand that internet and TV news is meant to hook viewers with an exciting and passionate story.  As human beings we are drawn to great stories and we want to act on them. We’re also vulnerable for the need to reduce uncertainty and chaos in our lives.  We want very badly for someone on the internet or trusted TV personality to accurately predict the future for us.  Unfortunately, it cannot be done.

At Leading Edge Financial Planning we believe it is critical to have a well-thought-out retirement plan BEFORE you are retired.  Our mission is to help our clients, friends and family to have a prosperous and fulfilling retirement as well as achieving authenticity and contentment with their money before retirement.  

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