“Planning is bringing the future into the present so you can do something about it now.”

-Alan Lakein

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Develop a written financial plan

Written plans help you accomplish your lifestyle goals and objectives. Independent studies repeatedly show that people who take the time to develop a written financial plan WILL do better.  Furthermore, you will enjoy greater peace of mind knowing that you and your family are on the right path to accomplishing your financial goals.

Investment Management

We utilize a process-driven investment approach along with an in-depth understanding of asset allocation, diversification and behavioral finance to maximize your investment returns.  We strive to make investment decisions based on your long-term goals as an investor and the fundamentals of the economy not on short-term noise or emotional biases.

Proactive Tax Planning

There are many ways to limit your tax liability and defer taxes on your investments. Furthermore, proactive tax planning may help reduce the percentage of tax you pay over your lifetime! We understand the types of income and taxes each investment may produce.  We know how to structure investment accounts using “asset location strategies.”  Using the appropriate types of accounts (tax deferred, tax free- such as Roth IRAs, and taxable accounts) can make a major difference.

Estate Planning

Estate or legacy planning is a great opportunity to help create a positive financial legacy for your loved ones and the next generation.  Estate planning includes making sure your assets are passed to the next generation in the smartest and most tax efficient manner. Furthermore, it is extremely important to evaluate the need or desire for trusts, wills, and durable powers of attorney for financial and health care matters. We can help you begin the process and assist you in the type of legal council that is right for you.

One of the most important roles we serve is to be a sounding board for you at all times to ensure your financial decisions align with your family’s goals and values.  We provide thorough research and well-thought-out recommendations for most every situation that could affect your financial life.  We will always put your interests first in our relationship and in the financial planning process.  This is the true definition of a fiduciary standard.

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